My Story: Suffering from Imposter Syndrome to A Robust Remote Freelancer!

My name is Abhi and this is my story.


I started learning about digital marketing in 2019, putting in countless hours to learn from a variety of online resources including both free and paid ones.

I had a freelance client before even practising what I knew about digital marketing. This real estate client needed a FB Ads campaign for lead generation. I looked up on YouTube and ran a campaign. To my surprise, leads started coming in, in the first 24 hours of the campaign.

I was awestruck. I felt on top of the world. Well, this was my first client. 

From here on, I explored different paths in digital marketing such as web designing on WordPress, FB Ads, GMB setup, and marketing automation for funnels and it never ends.

Even today, I am a student and keep learning new things in the industry. 

My 9-5 journey:

My first job was as a Sales and Marketing executive. After one year of work experience, I went on to become a Territory Manager with Tata Motors Finance Limited.

2 years later, I got into the Multilevel Marketing business with a brand from Malaysia. Ended up learning tons of skills and personality traits in the process but lost financially. And this led to the downfall of my corporate career and I started losing interest in the 9-5 concept. 

I didn’t even know what I would end up doing at this point in life. In 2018, this downfall led to me working multiple jobs as I was transitioning into a Marketer. This is where I was suffering from Imposter Syndrome. I used to think, will I be able to do this? Am I the right person to teach a student or help a business? But the imposter syndrome gradually faded away resulting in more confidence in myself and my abilities.

I worked as a marketing teacher for 6 months in 2019 and started implementing digital marketing for small businesses in the same year.

Here on, I did not look back and went full swing with Digital Marketing Career.

2020 was all about learning and applying those skills to small businesses in my home town. In December 2020, I moved to Ghana in West Africa. 

This was the turning point of my career. I kept learning more about Digital Marketing and working as a Marketing Manager for a business in Ghana.

Buying my first Digital Marketing Course:

Bought a course by Rich+Niche in 2021. 

Became the best member of the Rich+Niche community. After learning from Rich’s Courses, my skillsets varied in different areas of digital marketing and it became a stack of tech skills which are very valuable for any niche business to increase revenue and create brand awareness.

I started getting freelance marketing projects. I worked with small businesses from Ghana. I was also providing fulfilment services to a Marketing Agency in New York.

Got married in 2021:

About my wife: She is a digital marketer as well as an agency owner in India. She works with her clients from the US, UK and India. She has been working remotely for 3 years already. And she also teaches students the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing to help them get started in a Marketing Career.

And so, my wife and I wanted to be 100% remote now. We moved back to India for a while and applied for a visa in Serbia in 2022. Why Serbia? Because we wanted to taste the remote life away from my country and unfold the unseen side of life.

I then gained 2 new clients with monthly retainers – one from the UK and the other client from Australia.

At this point, I started working with Rich too, as his Content Editor. Rich himself is a hardcore believer in the Remote Lifestyle. He moved from Canada to Mexico, From Mexico to Serbia with his family.

It was time for me and my wife to move to Serbia now. And so, we did. 

Became a Remote Freelancer:

Today, I have successfully transitioned into a Remote Freelancer. The journey is not going to be a cakewalk, but my experiences have taught me enough to face what’s coming and hit my goals.

My plan for 2023 is to triple my income and achieve financial stability as a remote earner.

Thank you for being here:

I appreciate the time you’ve taken to read this and value the relationship I have with you. Keep checking this page for future updates about my life.