How I became a Digital Marketer without experience

My Digital Marketing Freelance story - gowithabhi
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Hello everyone and welcome to my story of Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and becoming a successful freelance marketer. My name is Abhi and I want to share my journey with you today.

Beginning of my Career

I began my career in sales, but I knew deep down that marketing was my passion. I was determined to break into the industry and with no prior experience, I know I had to face a few challenges to get into the industry, but I never gave up. And I kept improving my skills and learning new things in marketing.

My first client

In 2019, I got my first client who was a real estate agent, and I provided him with my Facebook ad services to generate leads for him.

And this way my journey in digital marketing started and I started also learning different things in the industry, like search engine optimization, looking at Google ads, how to build websites on WordPress, and how to optimize those websites for search engines.

First Digital Marketing Job abroad

Within no time I got my first role as a marketing manager in West Africa, in Ghana, and I was doing everything over there as a one-person team in the initial few months. Later on, I got my own team of a graphic designer, a video editor, and other people working to help me to complete the tasks.

And I was doing everything for that company from blogs, to social media management, as well as from SEO to running Facebook ads for them to generate leads, also nurturing those leads.

I had a tele-caller in my team to call those leads and get them on board selling them our products. This was basically a company that was selling physical products in Ghana.

Learning Digital Marketing

Now, I never had any formal education in digital marketing. The only education I had was MBA in marketing, in which we learned marketing fundamentals written by Philip Kotler.

But digital marketing keeps evolving year after year, and I had not had any idea because I did not buy any courses. So, I was initially learning from YouTube, and then my wife was my first mentor.

Who taught me what search engine optimization is all about and what are the fundamentals and how to master it, and that’s when I started my journey with SEO at first.

Bought My First Digital Marketing Course

And then in 2021, I invested in a digital marketing course from, and Rich became my mentor for marketing.

Within no time I became the top member of the whole Rich+Niche community and this helped me improve my skills a lot, not only in marketing but also in communicating with people.

Gradually I started getting freelance clients and I started working with those clients from across the world, different parts of the world. Initially, it was from Ghana, and one of them was from New York, i.e., the United States. And one of them was from Australia and the other one was from the UK.

So, this was the first time ever that I was working with international clients and I learned so much along with all this.

And thanks to Rich because of whom I got the confidence of getting and working, uh, you know, going out and working with international clients as my journey went on in the digital marketing industry.

Working with Rich himself

I got another opportunity to work with Rich as his content marketer, and I’ve been working with him for a long time now, and this was one of the greatest learnings for me in the last two to three years. As I continued my journey in digital marketing, my confidence in myself as well as my skills started growing with time.

And finally, I was able to get over my imposter syndrome. Now my main focus was to go remote, to be location-independent.

Embracing Remote Life

That was one of the most important things to me, and that’s when my wife and I decided to completely go remote and we moved from west Africa to Europe in Serbia. Right now, where we are located in Eastern Europe and we are working 100% remotely.

We wanted to experience what remote life is like and see what the world has to offer beyond our home country. And I know that with hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve their goals.

The reason I’m making this with you today is I wanted to share how I became a freelance digital marketer and how you can become one if you are looking forward to becoming a marketer and if that is your goal.

So, at the beginning of the year, this was my, uh, journey that I wanted to share, and I wanted to somehow motivate you and make you think about it and inspire you to take action.

Take action in 2023

And by the end of this year, you will be where you wanted to be if you take action. Looking forward to 2023, my goal is to triple my income and continue as a remote earner.

I’m grateful for the experiences and the opportunity rates that have come my way. And I’m waiting to see what the future unfolds for me. Thank you for watching and I hope that my video inspires you to take action.


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A sales partitioner turned Full Stack Digital Marketer. I work with Content Creators and Course Creators for SEO, Local SEO, Content Creation (Graphics), Social Media Management, Funnel Building, WordPress Design, Google Analytics, and Advertising (Facebook Lead Ads).

I drive results with Marketing software like Clickfunnels, GoHighLevel,, etc.